Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC Blade

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The popularity of the Harimoto ALC blade was so overwhelming positive, this blade technology has been extended to the Super ZLC carbon fibers. The blade is equipped with the Super ZL carbon that provides a higher rebound area due to the larger sweetspot that it has. The Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC is optimal for attack-minded players that also want control on touch shots. Because of the Super ZLC that is high reaction as well as having a large sweetspot, will create sharp contact on the ball with tremendous overall feel. This blade average weight is 90 grams, with a blade thickness of 6.2mm. It has a reaction of 12, with a vibration of 10.5. The rubber recommendation for this blade is the Dignics 05. For the Dignics line of rubber the 05 has the highest trajectory, and lands the shortest distance on the table. The 80 has the second highest, and lands in the middle of the table. The 64 has the lowest trajectory, and the longest travel path landing deepest on the table. To add more grip to this blade you can get the Soft Grip Tape. It provides grip and comfort to the racket handle. Another great choice for racket care is adding side tape to the blade. It can protect the wood in the event it is hit on the table.
  • Class: OFF
  • Plies: 5W+2SZLC
  • Reaction: 12.0
  • Vibration: 10.5
  • Weight: ~90g
  • Blade Thickness: 6.2
  • Blade Size: 158x152mm
  • AN Handle Size: 100x25mm
  • FL Handle Size: 100x25mm
  • ST Handle Size: 100x23mm
  • Made in Japan
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3/2/2024 1:03 pm

A very, very fast blade

by Han-Elliot

Suitable for far-away-from-table attacks and speed playstyle, otherwise it is very hard to control the ball close to the table. Flicks to return serves are powerful. It will go best with Dignics 05 rubbers otherwise the trajectory could be very high and out of control. The blade with the highest vibration I have ever used in my life, it's good for me as I could feel the ball but might be a bit annoying for others.