Lezoline Rifones Shoes

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Athlete Style Model; The New Choice Of Top Players

  • B-Armor - covering the front upper part with KPU material of high stiffness. It cushions the forefoot and protects from rapid movements
  • One-Sided Shoe Tongue - connecting only the inside part of the shoe tongue, preventing undesired movements and enhances the feeling of a perfect fit
  • B-Ridge - bridge-shaped middle sole supports sliding motion during footwork
  • B-Absorber - special shock absorbing sponge placed between outer and middle sole of the forefoot features cushioning and flexibility
  • Wingrip - specially formed outer sole has high ability of grip and assists your correct movement
  • B-Shank - prevents distortion of the shoes which happens through the particular movement of table tennis and bring you stable footwork

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8 reviews

12/7/2017 4:00:00 am

so cool

by li w.

so cool

3/20/2019 4:00:00 am

Lezoline Rifones purchase

by William P.

I was happy with the product but there was some small details that I didn't like. The shoes didn't have the typical wrap in the shoe as you would normally get with a new pair of shoes. It made me feel like I got the display pair. For the price I want everything to be right. Definitely a small detail but as for the shoe, they are great. My second pair. I'm a player who plays everything butterfly. The products are second to none.

1/27/2018 4:00:00 am


by Dean L.

So far- Comfortable . Good support. Feels durable.
Only wore it few times

1/22/2021 4:41 pm

Rifones 2nd to the MACH shoe

by Tommy

The RIFONES shoes are not as comfortable or the quality as the MACH shoes. Too much plastic-like rubber. I like the design of the MACH shoes a whole lot better.

4/29/2021 8:40 am


by Tommy

This is a follow-up from my previous review. The RIFONES seems to fit just a smidge tighter than the MACH, SAL, and TRINEX shoes but not by much so I sized up from a 9.5 to a 10 and the fit is very comfortable. As to the rubber-like plastic on the shoe I have adapted to them and they surprised me after wearing them a few times (very comfortable, very soft feeling, and a very stable shoe). So now I rate them right up there with my MACH shoes and will definitely purchase another pair when the time comes. Need to wear them a few times to really respect the quality that was put into the shoe. VERY HAPPY!!!

12/4/2023 12:07 pm

great shoes

by Nanbo

Very comfortable. fit is perfect for me.

3/12/2024 10:22 pm

Good and beautiful

by Leo

The shoes are very stable on the ground for the game. They are pretty as well. I feel they are slightly tight though the size is perfect, but this helps with the stability.

4/20/2024 10:12 am

Fantastic TT shoe

by Jerry

I really appreciated this shoe from the first wearing, and now after 20 sessions with them, they have shown their excellence. I have a wider forefoot and the Rifones fit just right, providing just the right amount of tightness and support without squeezing my feet. Grippy on both wood and cushioned floors, I feel there is superior speed in turns and push-offs. These have the right amount of cushioning for long sessions (2-3 hours of play), but not so much to compromise stability and quickness. My new favorites after searching for the perfect TT shoe.