Table Tennis Books & DVDs

Table tennis books and DVDs are an effective way to hone your skills on your own. Butterfly Table Tennis offers several books and DVDs on table tennis that teach you techniques and strategies, so you can improve your skills. With these training materials, you will gain effective training, tips, and advice from some of the sport’s best players and trainers. Whether you are a skilled player who wants to learn fresh tactics or you are completely new to table tennis, reading books and watching DVDs can help you improve your game.

Not only is this effective, it is also cost efficient. The cost of table tennis training books and videos are much lower than paying for a trainer. While little can compare to in-person lessons, training with books and DVDs can be incredibly insightful and beneficial.

Shop our selection of informative table tennis books and DVDs, master new techniques, and improve your skills at your own pace.

Aerobic TT Full Kit

Item #: ATTF

Aerobic Table Tennis Full Pack: Fun new approach to aerobic training. Learn basic table tennis techniques while burning calories.

Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers

Item #: TTTTLH

Table Tennis Tacktics for Thinkers by Larry Hodges - Learn table tennis tactics from USATT Certified National Coach and Hall of Famer Larry Hodges. Includes tactics against different styles, grips, and surfaces as well as tactical and strategic thinking.

Table Tennis Tips

Item #: TTTLH

Table Tennis Tips - This book contains 150 Tips to help your table tennis game, by Larry Hodges - a member of the U.S. Table Tennis Hall of Fame and a National Coach.

Table Tennis Tactics Book

Item #: TTTB

Table Tennis Tactics book contains an age-appropriate collection of all aspects of table tennis tactics for young players. It helps you to read your opponent's game and to decide how to play against forehand- or backhand-dominant players. 120 pgs

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Table Tennis Tales & Techniques

Item #: TLH

Table Tennis Tales & Techniques book contains the best published work of USATT Hall of Famer Larry Hodges: Table Tennis Player, Coach, Writer, Editor, Promoter, and Club, Tournament and League Director. Prepare to laugh and learn! 274 pgs.

Professional Table Tennis Coaches Handbook

Item #: PTTCLH

Professional Table Tennis Coaches Handbook by Larry Hodges - Long-time professional table tennis coach and USA Table Tennis Hall of Famer Larry Hodges shows how you can become a professional table tennis coach.

Spirit of Pong

Item #: SPLH

Spirit of Pong by Larry Hodges: Andy "Shoes" Blue wants to be a table tennis champion, but he’s just another wannabe American. And so he goes to China to learn the secrets of table tennis.

Note Block

Item #: 7428

Butterfly Table Tennis Note Cube: Keep tabs on all your opponents. Non-adhesive post notes. Each page has Butterfly wing logo.

Bty Marking Pen

Item #: 6917

High quality magic marker. Medium point. Quick drying black ink. Butterfly logo in pink and white.