Table Tennis Balls

Butterfly - Official Table Tennis Ball Sponsor & Supplier for the 2018 World Table Tennis Championships!

Butterfly offers a variety of practice balls as well as 3-Star balls for match play. Our training balls are suitable for multi-ball play, service practice, and robot use.

Our International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) approved Butterfly 3-star balls go through a more scrupulous quality control to achieve the strictest tolerance. Our table tennis balls are free of soft spots and are the most consistent in roundness and weight. An ITTF approved 3-Star rating is the highest grade a ball can receive. It is important to note that not all 3-Star ping pong balls are created equal. Look for "ITTF Approved 3-Star" table tennis balls to ensure that the ones you use are of the highest quality.

For the best possible match play, shop Butterfly’s selection of ITTF Approved 3-Star tennis table balls for sale. For high level recreational play, Martin Kilpatrick ping pong balls are excellent and a great value.

Easy Ball Training 40+ 120 pack

Item #: EB12040+

Great For Multi-Ball Practice 40+ Training Balls | Quantity: 120 Pieces | Made In Germany

Master Quality Ball G40+ 72 pack

Item #: MQ72G40

Ideal For Multi-Ball Practice, Robot Training And Match Play Quantity: 72 pieces | Made in Germany

OUT OF STOCK, Estimated Arrival 02/15/2019
Ball Amigo

Item #: 8011

Ball Amigo. Compliment to the ball trainer. Easy pick up of balls. Saves your back for the matches.

Butterfly 3-Star Ball G40+ 12 pack

Item #: B3W12G40

I.T.T.F. Approved 3-Star Ball Quantity: 12 pieces | Made in Germany

Ball Bag

Item #: 6920

Ball Bag: Holds more than 200 40mm balls. Great for multi-ball training. Material: Polyester 210 D. Dimensions: 22.5 x 22.5 x 40cm.

Ball Amigo Head Replacement

Item #: TN21

Ball Amigo Head Replacement, replace dented frame replace worn net for ball amigo

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Melowa 2 Ball Holder

Melowa 2 Ball Holder

Butterfly 3-Star A40+

Butterfly A40+ 3-Star Balls | ITTF Approved

From US$7.99
Butterfly 3-Star Ball G40+ 3 pack

Item #: B3W3G40

I.T.T.F. Approved 3-Star Ball Quantity: 3 pieces | Made in Germany

Easy Ball Training 40+ 6 pack

Item #: EB640+

Great For Multi-Ball Practice 40+ Training Balls | Quantity: 6 Pieces | Made In Germany

OUT OF STOCK, Estimated Arrival 02/15/2019
Roller Box

Item #: 7432

Roller Box holds up to six table tennis balls, is perfect for lightly rolling air bubble from rubber and a net height check.