Butterfly R40+ 3-Star Ball White

$8.99 to $30.59
SKU: B3R40


The Official Ball Of The 2021 World Table Tennis Championships Finals

Constantly improving, the R40+ is the third-generation 40+ ball. Manufactured under stricter quality control, the R40+ 3-Star ball is highly uniform and provides stable rotation, speed and balance. Its high precision provides a consistent bounce, reliable trajectory and is more durable than previous generations.

  • Manufactured Under Stricter Quality Control
  • Highly Uniform
  • 3-Star Plastic Ball
  • ITTF Approved
  • Made In China

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4/28/2020 9:20 am

Really good ball that most people will love

by Joshua

Slower than S40+. The colour is far more matte than shiny. Very durable. Makes a great sound. Spins very well. Kicks more after the bounce than most balls. Doesn't bounce too high or too low. The vibration when you hit the ball feels more pleasant than other balls. Very controllable, where as the S40+ feels like it takes quite a bit more effort and commitment to control. Only complaint is that the R40+ is just a tad too slow. It needs to be 5% faster and made in Germany, and it'll be the perfect ball for today's rubbers. They'll appeal to everybody, from beginner to professional, it will play beautifully at any level.