Bryce High Speed

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The most powerful rubber from Butterfly, using innovative Micro Layer technology, giving BRYCE HIGHSPEED a much thinner surface structure compared to other rubbers. As a result, compression of the rubber is increased on ball impact, providing additional grip and spin. The thinner rubber layer combined with a soft sponge makes it easier to generate spin, even at high speeds. BRYCE HIGHSPEED is well suited for all-out attacking players looking for a high-powered rubber, especially for driving shots and flat-hitting.

  • Powered by High Tension and featuring Butterfly's Micro Layer rubber sheet technology
  • Butterfly's fastest rubber sheet in production, capable of unmatched speed with a low trajectory
  • The Micro Layer rubber sheet is thinner, creating a rubber surface that grips the ball more than ever before
  • Softer than Tenergy and more speed and spin than Bryce Speed, this rubber is great for attackers
  • Pairs well with the Innerforce Series of Butterfly blades, as well as the Timo Boll and Zhang Jike series

  • Surface: High Tension Pimples-In
  • Speed: 92
  • Spin: 54
  • Arc: 46
  • Hardness: 35

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12/8/2017 11:00:00 pm


by Austin L.

I have tried T05, T25, and T64 for my RPB that I use only for aggressive, situational punches. None of them suited the stroke. I took them off and used an old, thin rubber sheet, did my research on the Bryce series. Tried this rubber after the research was done. I will not choose another backhand rubber sheet aside from Bryce High Speed. It does everything I want it to do. Yes, it requires a more vertical stroke for that spin you'd get with the TEnergy series but if you want a rubber sheet that just does magic with blocks, WITH LITTLE EFFORT, this is it. I can effectively be a backboard for ANYONE wanting to practice their loops as long as they aren't adding too much spin (this rubber is still super sensitive to spin). Either way. I love this rubber sheet and I hope it sticks around!!

1/27/2018 11:00:00 pm

Rubber for Bryce High Speed

by Tae P. -

Excellent rubber. My team player love this rubber.