Chinese Real Pro-Line Racket

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Butterfly Chinese Real Pro-Line Table Tennis Racket | Ideal For Lightning Fast Attacks With Strong Spin | Pro-Line Series | Recommended For Aspiring Professional Players

The Chinese Real is a popular all-wood blade that has plenty of speed and good touch. Tenergy 64 is the fastest of the Tenergy series rubbers allowing you to quickly go on the offense. It keeps a low trajectory whether attacking or defending. The backside of the blade is finished with a racket sheet as traditional Chinese penhold rackets are constructed with rubber on only one side of the blade surface.

  • BLADE: Chinese Real | Plies: 5-Ply Wood | Reaction: 11.6 | Vibration: 11
  • HANDLE: Chinese Penhold - Shorter Handle And Generally Conical In Shape
  • FOREHAND RUBBER: Tenergy 64 | Sponge Thickness (mm): 2.1 | Speed: 87 | Spin: 70 | Arc: 75 | Hardness: 36
  • BACKHAND RUBBER: Racket Sheet
  • APPROVAL: International Table Tennis Federation Approved
  • All Pro-Line Rackets Come Fully Assembled

PLEASE NOTE: Ultimately, most players find a blade that best suits their own individual and unique style of play and will use that blade for many years. If properly cared for, the blade will last years. However, the rubber will wear out over time and need to be replaced. When that day comes, DO NOT THROW THIS RACKET AWAY! The glue that is used to assemble Butterfly Pro-Line rackets will allow you to easily remove the old rubber. You can have the rubber professionally installed or you can even do it yourself! Replace with the same rubber or upgrade to one that offers more speed, or more spin, or both!

Did You Know?
More World Class Players Trust Butterfly Than Any Other Brand - At the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships, 99.8% of the participants were surveyed regarding their individual blade and rubber usage. Of those surveyed, Butterfly blades were used by 56.6% of the participants while the other 43.4% consisted of 11 different brands. Butterfly rubbers were used by 53.2% of the participants while the other 46.8% consisted of 11 different brands.

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