Tenergy 05 FX

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Since it was introduced, Tenergy has proven to be an outstanding success, combining High Tension Technology with Spring Sponge. Tenergy quickly rose to the top of the charts after the initial release; now there is further development, which maintains high performance levels with greater control. Top international players around the world embraced this new development and the masses followed.

Tenergy 05-FX marries High Tension Technology with a softer version of Spring Sponge, making it easier to generate high speed and spin. Spring Sponge is produced by the unique format of air bubbles within the sponge and the thin pimples of the highly flexible surface, enabling dynamic topspin play with heavy rotation. The Tenergy family of rubbers continues to evolve, allowing all styles of play to benefit from this new technology. Tenergy 05-FX is a great rubber for a wide variety of players to have for either the forehand or backhand of their Butterfly table tennis racket.

  • Soft, highly flexible Spring Sponge technology, an industry leader
  • Tenergy 05-FX has the same top-sheet as Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 05 Hard, but a with soft sponge layer
  • This Butterfly rubber is best-suited for offensive all-round play, especially over-the-table play and countering/looping topsin
  • Pairs best with Timo Boll ALC, Viscaria, Petr Korbel, Innerforce Layer ZLC, and other Butterfly blades
  • TABLE TENNIS GLUE - Butterfly Free Chack II recommended when assembling Tenergy table tennis rubbers

  • Surface: High Tension Pimples-In
  • Speed: 81
  • Spin: 64
  • Arc: 65
  • Hardness: 32

Rubber Specifications

Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

7/9/2017 4:00:00 am

Still waiting for my delivery

by James W.

I am still waiting. Can someone please look into my order.

8/17/2017 4:00:00 am


by J L.


6/19/2018 4:00:00 am

Butterfly always delivers

by Tak W.

I love Butterfly products. They are the standard top-of-the line
equipment provider.

8/6/2017 4:00:00 am

More control and dwelling time.

by Folsom C.

More control and dwelling time.

1/7/2018 4:00:00 am


by jose u.

Is what I expected

1/12/2018 4:00:00 am

Tenergy 05FX

by Carlos O.

The people that use Tenergy 05FX wouldn't use anything else. Seems like Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 80's are the rubbers that most of us use.

11/1/2018 4:00:00 am

Tenergy 05 FX


My order was received on time. This tenergy rubber is one of the best of its kind. Our customers very happy with their purchase.

7/24/2018 4:00:00 am

As good as Butterfly

by Chonghua Z.

Always good quality for so many years.

11/30/2023 6:39 pm

Good quality

by Ivan

I bought a 1.9mm T05 FX for my backhand. The rubber is of good quality but it is too thin for me. Next time I will try 2.1mm

5/26/2024 8:12 pm

Swing away with 05fx, control is great

by seyed

Softer than tenergy 05, 19 or any of dignics. Less speed and spin but more control in blocking and shot placements. On the same blade I can block better with 05fx and have many exact shot placement on the table but my same serves with dignics is more spinny than 05fx and gets more points outright. 05 fx is more forgiving and quality of the shots are lower even though most land on the table. Dignics have more power on routine shots and generates higher quality. Passive blocks possible with 05fx. Drop shots easier with 05fx. Much more practice need to do the same with dignics on the same blade.