Table Tennis T-Shirts

Butterfly shirts for table tennis offer professional and club table tennis players breathable comfort that keeps them at their best. Designed for high-performance gameplay, our table tennis shirts absorb moisture with quick-dry wicking material, keeping the body cool and dry during matches.

Made with 100% polyester, our table tennis t-shirts have a sporty design and offer a full range of motion. You will be able to stretch for those tough returns without your clothing restricting any movement.

Butterfly table tennis shirts come in a variety of colors and sizes. At Butterfly, you have the option to easily personalize a shirt with your name during the checkout process. Whether you are searching for men’s or women’s table tennis shirts, Butterfly has a ping pong shirt for everyone.

Shop our wide selection today to find high-performance Butterfly shirts for table tennis and play your game in comfort and style.

Koki Shirt

Item #: 8374NXXXL

Koki Shirt: LIMITED EDITION! Sporty design and range of color. Functional, breathable, elastic material. Superior wearing comfort. Material: Micro Dry Fit (100 % Polyester).

25% discount
Ryo T-Shirt

Limited Edition! Vibrant And Striking Material: Micro Dry Fit - Breathable | Comfortable Stretch | Skin-Friendly | Wicking & Quick Dry

Tenergy T-shirt

Tenergy T-shirt: Sporty and functional made for a perfect fit. Breathable material with moisture absorption. TENERGY print on the front and BUTTERFLY on the back. Material: Micro Dry Fit (100 % Polyester)

Aino Lady T-Shirt

Item #: 8357GXL

Feminine tapered cut with shorter sleeves and larger neck than men’s version. Ribbed neck with off colored shoulder, matching front logo. Quick drying moister wicking material. Micro Dry fit (100% Polyester)

20% discount