Table Tennis Tables

Discover the highest quality table tennis tables available at Butterfly. Our selection includes a range of table tennis tables that are perfect for competitive and professional play, clubs and training centers, and recreational use. The professional and tournament tables from Butterfly are ITTF-approved and are a top choice for official international table tennis competitions around the world.

Butterfly table tennis tables are designed with innovative materials for high-performance play, delivering greater ball bounce consistency and reliability. Engineered with storage in mind, our ping pong tables fold in the center when not in use to help you save space where storage is limited. Butterfly tables are available in either a blue or green top.

For casual players, we offer both indoor and outdoor table tennis tables at affordable prices. Designed for recreation rooms that have limited space, Butterfly ping pong tables safely and easily fold and store.

Shop Butterfly tables for professionals, clubs, and homes. Featuring hours of endless fun, get ready for high-performance table tennis gameplay.

Butterfly Table Cover

Item #: TC1000

Protect and prolong the life of your table. Made of durable nylon. Zippers allow you to cover the table during storage or play positions. Nylon handle allows you to hang the cover during play.

16% discount
Table Cleaner

Item #: 8172

Butterfly Table Cleaner: VOC free liquid developed using latest biological techniques. Cleaner dissolves dust, perspiration, and dirt from the playing surface. Restores your table surface for consistent play. 500 ml pump spray bottle.