Table Tennis Rubber For Professionals

Butterfly table tennis rubbers dominate the competition market of the sport. Many elite players consider our ping pong rubber to be superior, allowing them to play at their best. All players at the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships were surveyed on their equipment usage. The results - over 58% of the rubbers were Butterfly. Of that 58%, 55% was a rubber from our Tenergy series.

Designed for high-level play, Butterfly table tennis racket rubbers are ideal for professionals and skilled club players alike. Casual table tennis players can benefit as well by upgrading their recreational blades with our ping pong paddle rubber replacements.

From offense and defense to spin and speed, we design rubbers that improve and advance specific aspects of a player’s game. Each one has a unique combination of speed, spin, and hardness, so everyone can fine-tune their game to the highest level.

Shop the best rubbers for table tennis bats at Butterfly. Read our Table Tennis Rubber Guide for more information on how different rubber affects your playstyle.

Feint OX

Well-Balanced Long Pimpled Rubber Without Sponge Speed: 4.5 | Spin: 3.5 | Hardness: n/a


Easy-To-Handle Rubber For Developing Players Speed: 8.25 | Spin: 8.75 | Hardness: 32

Orthodox DX

Pimples-Out Without Sponge With Usability Speed: 6.0 | Spin: 4.25 | Hardness: n/a