Table Tennis Glue - Butterfly

Glue Remover

Item #: 7443

For optimal removal of glue residue on blade and sponge surfaces. The yellow foam sponge removes glue residue from the surface of the wood. The blue brush enables glue residue to be freed and then removed in small quantities (must use constant vertical motion). Intended for use with Butterfly Free Chack (the Butterfly Remover is not guaranteed to work on all rubbers).

Free Chack

100% liquidized natural caoutchouc. Easy to remove from sponge and racket. Price varies by product size.

From US$14.99
Free Chack II

Newly formulated, water based adhesive. Specifically designed for Spring Sponge rubbers; SpinArt and the Tenergy series of rubbers, Allows easy removal of excess glue from sponge and blade surface.

From US$6.99
Chack Sheet

Item #: 8071

Transparent glue sheet, one sheet.

Clip Sponge

Item #: 8224

The Clip Sponge is intended to use with Free Chack or Free Chack II. Easily applies a thin, even layer of glue to the blade and sponge. Keeps your hands 'glue-free'.