Table Tennis DVDs

Complete Table Tennis DVD

Item #: CTT

"Complete Table Tennis" by Dan Seemiller and Mark Nordby features twelve chapters of instructional techniques in 2 DVDs. Techniques include Fundamental Strokes, Advanced Strokes, General Principles, Serve Return, the Short Game, Serving...

International TT Skills DVD

Item #: DVD12

Great tool to learn the proper technique and start playing table tennis like a pro! This fast-paced 2-hour DVD is packed full of expert coaching advice on strokes, mental game, and much more. Perfect for teaching the complicated table tennis technique in simple terms. Highly recommended to any athlete who wishes to improve their game and their knowledge of the sport. 2 hour 17 minute DVD

Beyond Imagination Table Tennis DVD

Item #: DBI

1985-2000 The Best Players! Shots! Finishes! The Top 40 Points! The must-have ultimate highlight DVD, featuring the best of the best from over 500 hours of footage of International world-class competition.

Modern Table Tennis 101 DVD

Item #: DVD2

Modern Table Tennis 101 DVD covers the basic strokes shown from three separate angles with video clips. 3D graphics illustrate contact points and timing. Strokes are featured showing clips of top players.

Modern Table Tennis 102 DVD

Item #: DVD6

Modern Table Tennis 102 DVD concentrates on the main points of serving and serve-receiving. It is assumed that you are familiar with the basic techniques of table tennis as they are discussed in the DVD "Modern Table Tennis 101".

Pro Table Tennis Serve Receives

Item #: DVD8

Pro Table Tennis Serve Receives DVD: At the beginning of a table tennis point, the server holds all the cards. It is his decision what type of point to play, his choice whether to lead into a topspin rally, whether to play short or long.

Pro Table Tennis Serves DVD

Item #: DVD7

Pro Table Tennis Serves DVD has captured the serves of some of the best players in the world during practice and presents them in this program with a clarity that shows each detail in their movement and reveals the secrets of the contact.

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