Penhold Table Tennis Blades

Discover penhold perfection with penhold table tennis blades from Butterfly. Enhance your gameplay and control your table tennis matches with the superior precision afforded by our penhold blades. Shaped to fit in your hand like a glove, our paddles are crafted from the finest wood materials available and feature exquisite attention to detail.

Butterfly blades are widely popular among the most elite in the sport. During the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships, a survey was conducted regarding equipment usage; it revealed that over 56% of the professional table tennis players at this international competition chose Butterfly blades.

Butterfly Penhold paddles are offered in either the Chinese or Japanese shape. Each of our penhold table tennis blades cater to a particular playstyle, from quick attack to top spin. We make it easy to find for your ideal blade by providing reaction and vibration values.

Enhance your table tennis performance today. Shop the selection of premium penhold paddles available from Butterfly Table Tennis.

Shamada CS

Item #: 7380

Easy To Use Your Wrist Style: Quick Attack | Reaction: 12.6 | Vibration: 12.6

Yoshida Kaii CS

Item #: 7324

Kaii Yoshida's Model Style: Quick Attack | Reaction: 11.1 | Vibration: 9.3

Chinese Real

Item #: 7379

Distinguished High Speed Style: Quick Attack | Reaction: 11.6 | Vibration: 11.0

Cypress JP I-S

Item #: 7355

1-Ply With Specially Selected Kiso Hinoki Wood Style: Top-Spin-Minded | Reaction: 12.8 | Vibration: 9.0

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Hadraw Revolver-R Blade

Item #: 7361

Easy To Use Combination Penhold Blade Style: Combination | Reaction: 9.7 | Vibration: 9.0

Hadraw VR CS Blade

Item #: 7354

5-Ply Chinese Penhold For Powerful Attack Style: Quick Attack | Reaction: 11.4 | Vibration: 9.3

Hadraw JPV-R Blade

Item #: 7359

Plywood Penhold Style For All Abilities Style: Quick Attack | Reaction: 11.4 | Vibration: 10.7

OUT OF STOCK, Estimated Arrival 02/10/2019
Hadraw JPV-S Blade

Item #: 7358

Plywood Penhold Style For All Abilities Style: Top-Spin-Minded | Reaction: 11.4 | Vibration: 10.7