Prime Upgrade Kit

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$699.99 to $1,249.99


  • Convert Your Amicus Professional, Advance, Or Basic Model To A Prime With Android Tablet Controller.
  • Wirelessly Connect Controller to Robot Over Bluetooth. Get Software Updates Over The Internet.
  • See Top View & Side View Diagrams Showing Complete Drill Info. Watch Video Demonstrating The Drill.
  • Rearrange Drills; Customize Drill Names; Use Search To Find Desired Drill; Send Drills To Friends.
  • Add, Delete, Reorder, & Duplicate Shots In A Drill. Use Mirror To Instantly Reverse L/R Placements.

Update your Amicus Professional, Advance, or Basic table tennis robot to the latest technology! With this simple, easy-to-install kit, give your old model Amicus robot the same functionality as the top-of-the-line Amicus Prime. Control your updated robot with the supplied Android tablet that connects wirelessly to your robot. Join a Wi-Fi network to share drills with friends or update software and firmware to fix bugs and add new features.

The engaging visual interface of the Prime provides side view and top view diagrams of all shots in a drill along with quick-to-decipher information on spin type, spin amount, ball speed, shot order, placement, and height for up to 10 different shots in a drill. Or watch a video of a top player demonstrating the drill. Vary the spin, speed, placement, height, and/or timing of each shot. Or randomize shots for human-like play. Flip the Mirror switch to reverse L/R placements so a drill runs correctly for left-hand or right-hand players, or to instantly create a new drill variation. Or sequence together multiple drills into a game-like routine.

Once you have your drill fine-tuned to your specific needs, save it for quick recall. Give it any name you want and place your drills in any order. Use search to quickly locate your drill. The newest software version also saves the ball frequency with the drill; the first time this feature has been available on any Amicus model. The tablet gives you storage for virtually unlimited number of drills and you can increase  storage with micro SD cards.

This upgrade kit consists of an easy-to-install converter box that attaches to the serial port of your Base. It includes a Prime Tablet with Tablet Holder, Remote Switch, Owner’s Manual, and charger. Once attached, control your robot with the pre-installed Amicus app and start/stop an exercise and adjust ball frequency with the included remote switch. 

If you want the best ping pong robot, this is it. Butterfly Amicus Prime = No Compromises.

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