Practice Partner 20 Robot

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Practice Partner Table Tennis Robot | Fun Ball Machine-Launcher-Thrower-Shooter For Your Ping Pong Table | Play Or Practice Ping Pong Anytime For As Long As You Want


Set the Practice Partner 20 table tennis robot on your ping pong table to train, practice, or play anytime you want for as long as you want. Suitable for all players and fits all table tennis tables and conversion tops. Lightweight and portable. Holds approximately 200 40 or 40+ balls. Simple controller is easy to understand—start/stop play, change speed from 1-9, and adjust frequency from 1-9. Select either 1-point or 2-point delivery with 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or full table coverage. The ball feeding unit is made of alloy with resistant rubber which stabilizes the ball direction and placement. It can produce topspin, backspin or sidespin balls; serves (2 bounces) or returns (1 bounce). Made from high quality materials, Practice Partner 20 is the ideal choice for a solid, yet low cost, table tennis robot.


Perfect for those who want a clean straightforward interface without a lot of options. Select your desired spin, speed, and trajectory. Then twist the robot to aim where you want your shot to go for 1-point delivery or select the oscillation range (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or full table coverage) for 2-point delivery that will challenge your footwork and balance. And finally, adjust ball frequency from 23 to 80 balls per minute to set your ideal pace.


Robots are a great way to rapidly accelerate your development. Hit up to 10 times more balls in the same amount of time as practice with another player. Fantastic training aid to assure high quality shots, even when a coach or better player is unavailable. Never search or wait around for someone to play with. Transform a room into a professional training space available anytime for as long as you want. Avoid the low quality shots and wasted time when 2 novice players practice together. Top-notch practice trainer that never gets tired and is ready for a challenge whenever you are.


Includes universal power supply for 110/220V networks with a US-style plug and a 1-year warranty. Weighs less than 10 pounds (4.5 kg).

  • Practice Partner 20 is fun & rewarding for all levels of ping pong and table tennis players alike.
  • Fits all ping-pong tables. Easy setup, take down, and transport. Quick assembly; no tools required.
  • Speed Settings: 1-9
  • Spin Settings: 8 different types of spin
    1. Topspin
    2. Top/Side Right
    3. Sidespin Right
    4. Underspin/Side Right
    5. Underspin
    6. Underspin/Side Left
    7. Sidespin Left
    8. Top/Side Left
  • Frequency Settings: 1-9, producing 25-80 balls per minute
  • Pause Button allows you to catch your breath during a given sequence
  • Position robot anywhere on top of a ping pong table to get different angles and trajectories.
  • Oscillation can be set to approximately the following : ¼ table, ½ table, ¾ table or full table
  • Placement Knob: Balls can be fixed to land in one location or socialite between two locations
  • Trajectory Knob: Adjust low to simulate a serve (2 bounces) or adujst higher for returns (1 bounce).
  • Ball hopper holds ~200 balls
  • Weighs just 15 pounds so it is easy to transport
  • Ball feed unit made of alloy with resistant rubber to stabilize ball direction and placement.
  • 1-Year Warranty


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