Liu Shiwen

Liu Shiwen's Model

  • Named after China's elite player, Liu Shiwen
  • Designed to suit the close to the table, quick-fire machine gun like attacking style of Liu Shiwen
  • Contains ZL Fiber technology which provides excellent bounce and lightness
  • Innerfiber construction enhances playability by providing improved dwell time
  • Decorative mythical bird motif on front
ZL Fiber

Playing Style: Attack Speed: Mid-Fast Feeling: Soft 5-Ply Blade Size: Regular
  • Class: OFF
  • Plies: 5W / 2 ZL Fiber
  • Weight: 86g~
  • Blade Thickness: 5.6
  • Blade Size: 158x152mm
  • AN Handle Size: 100x24mm
  • FL Handle Size: 100x24mm
  • ST Handle Size: 100x23mm
  • Made in Japan

Blade Specification Chart