Lin Gaoyuan ALC Blade

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Created with and Supported Lin Gaoyuan: Attack | Reaction: 11.8 | Vibration: 10.3
  • Great for attacking close to mid distance from the table
  • The blade has high resilience, and a perfect balance of speed and control. The quality this blade has will make it a favorite amongst attackers. 

  • Class: OFF
  • Plies:** 5W+2AC
  • Weight:** ~87g
  • Blade Thickness:** 5.7
  • Blade Size:** 157x150mm
  • FL Handle Size:** 100x25mm
  • ST Handle Size:** 100x23mm
  • Made in Japan

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2/8/2022 8:43 pm

Well balanced blade

by JL

Excellent blade.For a while,I had been using a 5 ply all wood blade which was fantastic in the short game, but in making the transition to the LGY ALC ,there was little or no adjustment needed.It is a soft blade, but when you open up and play fuller strokes,the speed and quality of the shots is fantastic.Of course,this is somewhat subjective, but the handle is very comfortable and makes very easy to switch from BH to FH(Flare).I considered quite a few options before finally deciding on this one and I can honestly say its a good buy.Without being too cliche , you do get the best of both worlds here,nice soft touch for control play but as much speed as most people would need when you attack.I highly recommend it.