Blaze Racket (Pips-in 1.5mm & Pips out)

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Combination Pips-In & Pips-Out Rubber Surface

Blaze Ping Pong Paddle - Combination Pips-In & Pips-Out Rubber Surface - Martin Kilpatrick (MK) Racket Series - Recommended For Beginning Level Players

The Blaze Ping Pong Paddle is a combination Pips-In/Pips-Out racket and designed for ping pong family fun and the fourth step in the MK Racket Series. The Pips-In surface will produce more spin than the Pips-Out surface of the Vortex and the most spin in the MK Series The Pips-Out surface will reduce the opponents spin whether returning serves, blocking or counter-attacking.

  • Blade Construction: 5-Ply Wood
  • Handle: Flared - Concave At The Center - The Most Popular Style
  • Comfortable & Ergonomic Grip
  • Surface: Pips-In With Sponge & Pips-Out With Sponge
  • The Fourth Step In The MK Series

The Martin Kilpatrick (MK) Racket Series is designed so that each racket is an inexpensive and natural transition to the next racket. From no sponge to sponge and from pips-out to pips-in, the MK Series covers all the bases as you progress. Want to take a greater leap? Check out the Butterfly Recreational Racket Series.

PLEASE NOTE: Like most recreational rackets, this racket is assembled with a glue that is intended to keep the surface permanently attached to the wood for the life of the racket. If you prefer to have the ability to upgrade the surface when it becomes worn, please check out the Butterfly Pro-Line Racket Series.

Did You Know?
More World Class Players Trust Butterfly Than Any Other Brand - At the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships, 99.8% of the participants were surveyed regarding their individual blade and rubber usage. Of those surveyed, Butterfly blades were used by 56.6% of the participants while the other 43.4% consisted of 11 different brands. Butterfly rubbers were used by 53.2% of the participants while the other 46.8% consisted of 11 different brands.

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