Table Tennis Court

Ball Amigo

Item #: 8011

Ball Amigo. Compliment to the ball trainer. Easy pick up of balls. Saves your back for the matches.

OUT OF STOCK, Available on 05/23/2017
Ball Amigo Head Replacement

Item #: TN21

Ball Amigo Head Replacement, replace dented frame replace worn net for ball amigo

OUT OF STOCK, Available on 05/30/2017
Sport Outdoor Rollaway, blue

Item #: TW25

The Sport Outdoor Rollaway is designed for indoor/outdoor use. It is similar to our Outdoor Home Rollaway, but offers a lower profile in the storage and playback position and has a more effective safety mechanism.

Personal Rollaway

Item #: TR21

Perhaps the greatest value in the line of playback tables. Large 5" double wheels, partnered with the side beams and 1 1/2" steel rim, provide for the highest level of performance in this price-range. Legs are indented from the ends and sides of the table

Table Cleaner

Item #: 8172

Butterfly Table Cleaner: VOC free liquid developed using latest biological techniques. Cleaner dissolves dust, perspiration, and dirt from the playing surface. Restores your table surface for consistent play. 500 ml pump spray bottle.

OUT OF STOCK, Available on 05/25/2017