Table Tennis Books

Professional Table Tennis Coaches Handbook

Item #: PTTCLH

Professional Table Tennis Coaches Handbook by Larry Hodges - Long-time professional table tennis coach and USA Table Tennis Hall of Famer Larry Hodges shows how you can become a professional table tennis coach.

Table Tennis Tales & Techniques

Item #: TLH

Table Tennis Tales & Techniques book contains the best published work of USATT Hall of Famer Larry Hodges: Table Tennis Player, Coach, Writer, Editor, Promoter, and Club, Tournament and League Director. Prepare to laugh and learn! 274 pgs.

Winning Table Tennis Book

Item #: DSB

Whether you're a competitive tournament player or a serious recreational player, Winning Table Tennis: Skills, Drills, and Strategies will help you improve your game. This one is by 5-time U.S. Champion, Dan Seemiller.

Table Tennis Tips

Item #: TTTLH

Table Tennis Tips - This book contains 150 Tips to help your table tennis game, by Larry Hodges - a member of the U.S. Table Tennis Hall of Fame and a National Coach.

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Table Tennis Tactics Book

Item #: TTTB

Table Tennis Tactics book contains an age-appropriate collection of all aspects of table tennis tactics for young players. It helps you to read your opponent's game and to decide how to play against forehand- or backhand-dominant players. 120 pgs

Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers

Item #: TTTTLH

Table Tennis Tacktics for Thinkers by Larry Hodges - Learn table tennis tactics from USATT Certified National Coach and Hall of Famer Larry Hodges. Includes tactics against different styles, grips, and surfaces as well as tactical and strategic thinking.