Attack Table Tennis Blades

Petr Korbel Blade

If you want to develop a consistent offensive game, but are unsure which blade to use, you can't go wrong with the Limba outer plied Petr Korbel blade that can do it all.

Boll Offensive

Using new specialized gluing techniques, the medium hard Boll Offensive- allows for controlled and precise rebound suited for all attacking play. Its 5-ply all wood construction allows great touch for spin oriented aggressive styles.

Gionis Allround

The Gionis Allround is made for any kind of all-round play. Its enlarged sweet spot offers perfect touch. The use of the Carbon fibers give it extra precision for blocking as well as attacking shots.

Gionis Defensive ST

Item #: 7800ST

The Gionis Defensive offers precision and control. Enlarged sweet-spot due to the usage of carbon fibers. Made for disrupting offensive play.

OUT OF STOCK, Available on 03/30/2017